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Different Types Of Hair Smoothing


Hair smoothing is a cosmetic procedure which is used to remove curls and natural waves from your hair. This procedure, therefore, will help your hair to have a straightened look. This process will work by using some of the chemicals that are likely to affect your hair molecules. This procedure will break down the bones that give your hair waves or curls. You are also required to conduct your personal research and know some of the smoothing treatment hair types.

During your research, you are required to know some of the different types to use for your hair. Ensure that you choose one that will suit your hair needs. It is also important to note some of the measures to consider during the process. Also, it is recommended that you visit some of the qualified experts to help you in the process. The internet has been the solution to your problems. You can visit some of the sites and research some of the types that you will use for your hair smooth.

The following therefore are some of the types of hair smoothing treatments

Keratin hair smoothing treatments

22lkfgroThis is one of the types you can use for your hair. This type of hair smoothing is also known as Brazilian hair straightening. It is important to know how it works before you decide to choose it. These smoothing treatments involve using of the Keratin. Keratin, therefore, is a form of protein which mainly occurs in your hair follicles. A chemical known as Formaldehyde is mixed with keratin protein to bond some of the molecules in your hair and thus making it smooth. You are required to repeat this treatment after a period of six months.

Chemical relaxers hair smoothing treatments

This treatment is mainly used because it is less damaging to your hair. Also, it is commonly used because it is more affordable than the other methods. With the help of other chemicals, they will help to soften down the bonds of your hair. This method, therefore, is likely to make your curls tight and it will make your hair smoother. Also, with this method, it will help to soften kinky hair. However, with this treatment, you are likely to redo the treatment after every one month.

Thermal reconditioning hair smoothing treatment

33kjdvjkhThis method is also referred as Japanese hair straightening. This is a very easy method to use because you are only required to apply a chemical solution to your hair and then wash it. After that, your hair will be blow dried with the help of a flat iron. This, therefore, will make your hair smooth. It is quite important to note that these chemicals that are used in these smoothing treatments vary depending on the manufacturer.

Patent protect one of the formulas that are used for this treatment. This method is well known for breaking the molecular structure and smoothing your hair. This, therefore, means that it will keep your hair smooth always. It is essential to note that it will be effective after you have flat ironed or blow dried.

Guide to selecting the best deodorant

Today, there are many brands of deodorants to choose from. Additionally, there are many suppliers and all promise quality. As a result, this complicates the entire buying process. If you are among the many people who are not so sure about what and where to buy it from, do not be afraid. Before recommending any particular online store like, this article intends to help you learn more about deodorants what makes them different from other cosmetic products.

The difference between antiperspirants and deodorants

What is the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants? aSdcASsdcADSAntiperspirants are ideal in minimizing sweating. As such, with the application of an antiperspirant, you will note of sweat reduction. On the other hand, deodorants kill bacteria that arise when emitting sweat rich in proteins and fats. Thus, with the application of a deodorant, you can be certain of bacterial elimination. To top on this, a deodorant ensures your sweat will be odorless. Having differentiated the two, you can comfortably choose one based on the nature of your sweating.

Criteria for choosing a deodorant

Are you among the many people who use one particular brand year in year out? If yes, it is high time you make a change. Ideally, it is recommended that after using a particular type for six months you switch to another brand. For extra protection, selecting a brand with high aluminum chloride levels and applying it before bed time is key. Deodorants come in different forms such as cream, gel, and spray. The decision on which to settle for is influenced by one’s preferences and needs.

Types of deodorants


Gels are clear, light, and visible. It is advisable to apply gels on the skin and allow it dry before putting on clothes. Thus, when putting white clothes or other light colored clothes the unsightly appearance of white smears will never be a concern. Thus, if you are thinking of holding an event or you are planning to have your wedding applying gels is the way to go.


assaDCASSprays are ideal for individuals opting to maintain hair underarm. As such, most men would opt for sprays as opposed to other formulas of deodorants. Sprays are not ideal for individuals who shave as they contain alcohol that cause irritation. Thus, for women opting for other forms of deodorants is ideal.


Creams come either in containers or jars. You are likely to come across this cream in specialty cosmetics, drugstore aisles, and skin care departments. This form of deodorant is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin types. This is because they are made up of aluminum salts and skin hydrates. Thus, if you are afraid of skin complications with this formula you should not worry anymore.