Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks


When you decide to set up your website or blog, there are some points that should be considered and kept in mind to work with SEO experts at the Folsom office in order to make your website optimized and meet your expectations for its effectiveness. Let’s look at them in this article.


· Make sure that your designer understands all your plans and expectations for your site as regard SEO. Usually, working with developers who have ample experience and are well oriented with updates .

· Make sure your blog or website is easy to use. This is important to your ranking and decides how many searchers will find your site easily.

· Make the services of your website or blog extended and able to offer videos, images, news, podcasts and social contents.

· The extension of your site’s URL is not an issue you can use any of those HTML, .htm, .asp, .php, etc.


· The content of a site is the main element you must pay extremely attention to it.

· The search engines usually need natural language and useful contents that easily attract people and provide what they need.

· Also, you need to focus your concentration to make your content unique and qualified.

· Keep your content fresh and updated to meet your visitors’ needs.


· You need to make each page a unique keyword focused title tag.

· Use the common keywords about each topic you write.

· Use single keyword phrase. Do not try to use more than one.

· Focus on good content. Do not make your page full of keywords without useful content that serves them.

· Usually connect the text around links to keywords. Do not leave them separate.

· Finally, try to keep a balance between keywords, keyword phrases and other components of your page including text, images, and videos. Make your page in a state of harmony.


· Links are important to your blog or website. They often are the cause of the degree of your page’ s rank.

· Valuable links that do not appear on your website, you may have to send them as message or letter to your clients.

· As possible as you can, try to avoid using paid links as they disturb your clients and make your site slower.

· Usually focus on your link quality, not quantity. Do not make your page crowded by weak links.

· Keep in your mind a one qualified creative link can increase your rank.

· Focus on using absolute and deep links that keep your page rank high.


· Look at the social media market and try to meet the population expectations and needs.

· Keep your content and resources updated and renew the cache dates to keep them valuable and SEO suitable.

· Fill your websites by viral components as comments, reviews, ratings, sharing functions, etc.